June 14, 2018


I am not sure how to express how grateful I am to have discovered the amazing work that you do.  From the moment I put my pendant around my neck, I found peace.  Having such an artful way to have my son close to me is more that I could have imagined.  It’s not only comforting, but also classy and private.  I only have to share the true meaning of it with those I choose to.

I also wanted to thank you for the tour of your workshop and your generosity in re-signing my pendant when Ray’s name wore off.  To see how you create these personal keepsakes was fascinating.  It was very clear to me that you bring a personal touch to each piece, thinking only of the loved one lost as you blend your talent with the cremains to deliver an exceptional and individual design.

I love my pendant.  You really captured the essence of Ray’s personality with the blend of black and gold.  It exceeded all of my expectations!

Thank you so much Henry, from the bottom of my heart.

Linda V.