May 27, 2018

Dear Henry

I ordered two pendants through Andrew at J. H. Williams Funeral Home in East Providence, RI after my husband, David, passed away. One was for me and the other for my 21 year old grandson. The photos on your website made it clear that the pieces would be lovely and very individual. When they came I was amazed that they could be so breathtaking! They were beyond my expectations.

My grandson was at college and he asked me to open and photograph his and send him the photo. He was really emotional when he saw it, which was so touching. He and his Papa were very close and now he wears his beautiful pendant 24/7. We both do! I know my husband’s spirit is with me always, but now I have his ashes with me as well. It is so beautiful and special. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what your artistic creativity has provided for me and my grandson. Priceless!


Jan B.